Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Inevitable

For some time, I've realized that this blog was getting updated with way more regularity than the Halou website. As a result, this blog will henceforth be at the front page of

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Science Teacher.

Just under two months after September 11th, 2001 (call me a Republican - I cite September 11th, then hit you with a dodgy sales pitch), we released our second album, "Wiser" on Nettwerk Records. What followed was the most concentrated string of live dates we have done (which is, sadly, still not many). On one of those nights - in Seattle, WA (where else?) - from the stage, we heard someone refer to me as 'The Science Teacher'. These were the days when the suit/tie/glasses were wardrobe and general unease and discomfort made up my onstage demeanor (they obviously still do). I can remember laughing loudly, pondering how we never really truly 'see' ourselves.

So now, I have just completed three tracks for a short CD that I will release under the name 'The Science Teacher'. This music is different from Halou. Rebecca does sing on one track, but not in the way you're probably familiar with. I would love for you to hear it, but I am quite aware that it is not the kind of thing you can put on at all times of the day.

Anyway, the details:

The Science Teacher: Parallelism
1. On A Haiku Beach
2. Factory Flowers
3. Low Countries

Running time: 17:53

Dynamophone will be releasing this in July as part of their 'Parcel' series of limited 3" CD packages. I will post artwork and pre-order link soon...


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Back From The Green World

The Green World/SF Film Festival show was great. One of those nights when just about everything goes right. It was a gorgeous night in the city and people were definitely out to enjoy it.

We showed up at the club right after 6pm, loaded in and soundchecked relatively easily. Unfortunately, the stage was quite small and we had to strike most of our gear to make room for Tarentel. I quite enjoyed their set and it was satisfying to finally catch them live after all the years hearing about them.

After reassembling ourselves onstage we went on and played for about an hour. The new songs are definitely a highlight for us and 'Albatross' just seems like it's coming across really well live, which gives me great hope for a lot of the songs were working for the new record.

Our old friend Jake was on hand and managed to snap some characteristically nice photographs of us doing it. You can see one below and you can click here to view the rest.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Rehearsal Shots

I've been regretting lately that we never post any audio/video/photo content up on this blog so here's a few shots from Friday night's rehearsal:

Friday, May 04, 2007

Back To It

Last night, everyone trickled into the studio from the rain and we got on with our first rehearsal for next week's SF Film Festival show. Things were tightly packed, as usual, but the songs were fresher in our heads than we thought and that made things easy to bear.

It wasn't my intent, but most of our songs seem to have these nice little breaks in them for everyone to take a sip of wine. In future, perhaps I will just plan to have at least 4 or 8 bars for everyone to lay out and get their drink on.

Another rehearsal tonight...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wine Critic

This morning, we woke up to rain-washed roads and moist, clean air due to mild showers overnight. It's almost sad the way the blustery weather tries to creep in with the persistent sun pushing it away again and again.

Last night a short burst of energy on my part (and a particular bottle of Cabernet) resulted in some new guitar bits and a solid chorus for 'Critic'. This one could end up being one of my favorites if things continue to go well with it.

Earlier in the day, Rebecca nailed down lyrics to 'Stop Thief' that improved upon her original idea. I look forward to recording those soon.

Friday, April 27, 2007


I've taken 'Critic' from idea/concept to song in the last 24 hours. It now has a few different parts and is remarkably full sounding give how few elements it has so far.

One of the things that's been different with this group of songs is that Rebecca is hearing them much earlier. For the last album, and 'Wiser', in particular, I finished the songs almost completely before I played them for anyone else. I'm not sure why I used to do things that way - probably just from my early days of working by myself. Anyway, now things are more collaborative in all directions and it's working out very, very well.

We'll more or less be taking the weekend off to spend some time with friends and enjoy the weather. Next week, we'll be focusing more on preparations for the upcoming performance in San Francisco. Much has changed since the last one...